Over the last 6 years we have come together to display the unity found in Jesus by praying together, serving together and marching in the Northeast Minneapolis parade together. Now, we are working together to do something new in our part of the city. Last fall, Mission Northeast launched “Northeast Students” a citywide youth ministry with the goal to empower our young people to love their neighbors and neighborhood in the name of Jesus. 

The churches of Mission Northeast have been praying an listening together and from that discernment the mission of Northeast Students has emerged:

“Northeast Students is committed to creating a place where students can worship as a community, and grow together to make a lasting impact on their neighborhood."

Northeast students meets on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:30pm at The Public Functionary here in Northeast. 

If you have youth you'd like to get connected, contact the directors:

Conner Simms - conner@elimchurch.com

Kate Harrell - Kate.Harrell@youthworks.com